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The Better Body Bag

Setting new standards in identifying victims of natural disasters and armed conflict

Identifying victims after natural disasters is a challenge. Failing to do so drives cost up and brings distress, trauma and frustration. If we fail, a person is lost forever. Together with forensic experts from the International Committee of the Red Cross we have developed a better solution. It improves the chances of giving victims of natural disasters their identity back.

Improved victim identification

Our primary goal is to protect the identity of the victim and ensure closure for the families. This is done by delaying decomposition and improving visual identification.

  • Vacuum-able via airtight and watertight seal
  • Temperature regulation
  • Fluid management







Improved conditions for fieldworkers

Additionally, the bag improves the working conditions of humanitarian actors and helpers that manage the dead after catastrophes or armed conflicts.

  • Containment of odours and liquids
  • 30% lighter than current standard bodybags
  • Puncture and tear resistant

In terms of body bags, recovery and retrieval of dead bodies not much has advanced in decades. It is actually probably the first time humans have thought of applying new technologies to this issue in a major way. I would like to congratulate you because you will make a big difference to a lot of people

A brief timeline of our project

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